High-tech software solutions for the business aviation industry.


NaJet is a Russian national online charter flight booking platform

The start of the platform operation will be announced at RUBAE 2019 in Vnukovo on September 12th, 2019

First of all, a REAL ONLINE charter flight booking platform for business aviation does NOT EXIST yet. Main problem is the complexity of the search algorithms. There are several types of «pseudo» Aggregators on the market. They offer all sorts of compilations:
— geographical positioning and the availability of the aircraft on the requested date;
— the availability of «empty leg»;
— information about the availability of a free aircraft time;
— selling to the customers a non-existent flight with the subsequent organization of the tender between the airlines.

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The most effective form of cooperation between the airline and the platform is the placement of branded in the airline’s corporate style widget on the airline’s website under the knob «ONLINE SALES».

To provide a broker with a special access through personal account with extended functionality including:
— increased booking time (prior to confirmation) of the flight;
— the ability to confirm the flight without prior payment;
— possibility of coordination of additional services which are not provided by standard service;
— formation of a flight’s special cost for the customer;
— other.

The placement of the widget of the ONLINE charter flight booking platform on website of different travel and business support agencies will make the customer opportunity to make all the travel arrangements in one place and much easier. Partner program for the agencies will be effective.

Software for business aviation

The software is based on specialized «modules» that reflect the real structure of the airline:

• Dispatch Service;
• Crew Logistic;
• Maintenance and Engineering;
• Commercial.

This is a simplified version of a «business aviation management software with charters online sales option»

The same modules are used, but flight information is entered manually. Modules can be modified on the client request.

To solve the problems associated with storing, generating and sending data on passengers and crews, the NAJET team created a separate system, the so-called «Ticket module», which is specifically designed for generating and sending data to the Automated centralized database of personal data on passengers and personnel (crew) of vehicles, according to Order No. 241 of the Ministry of transport, in accordance with the Federal law «About transport security».

We are ready to offer companies the development of any other tools and solutions on their request.