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NAJET is a Russian national online charter flight booking platform

NAJET is a Russian national online charter flight booking platform

The start of the platform operation will be announced at RUBAE 2019 in Vnukovo on September 12th, 2019

First of all, a REAL ONLINE charter flight booking platform for business aviation does NOT EXIST yet. Main problem is the complexity of the search algorithms. There are several types of «pseudo» Aggregators on the market. They offer all sorts of compilations:

— geographical positioning and the availability of the aircraft on the requested date;
— the availability of «empty leg»;
— information about the availability of a free aircraft time;
— selling to the customers a non-existent flight with the subsequent organization of the tender between the airlines.

All these technologies require additional contacts and negotiations between the client and the airline (or air broker) for a full clarification.

This type of solutions has nothing to do with the real «ONLINE» service.

Now we can announce that NAJET has got unique algorithm, which allows us to start the service of REAL ONLINE charter flight booking platform for business aviation.

The algorithm is based on the «The business aviation management software with charters online sales option» installed in airline and developed by NAJET. Some additional information comes from the other outsourcing professional aviation sources.

At the first stage it will work only for Russian airlines and operators as we put in the software some specific algorithms dictated by Russian Aviation Rules, which are different from FAA or EASA. That is why it will be much easier to start the project in Russia and improve the platform for future use on the international markets.

At the next stage, we plan to develop mechanisms for combining our «specific algorithm» with the most popular software for business aviation airline developed by other suppliers. By doing this, we will turn a small local project into a global one.

There are so many advantages of this form of sales for both the client and the airlines that we hope to persuade the airline partners to allow the sale on the platform’s website.

Advantages for the Airline:

  1. Effective management tool with:
    • the possibility of instant automatic formation of the offers for the client. Each offer will contain specific information about the flight, including tail number, offered schedule, charter price;
    • program remote access for the personnel;
    • system of automatic notification of involved personnel;
    • automatic formation of the company’s document flow;
    • the flight confirmed by client will appear at dispatch schedule timeline automatically.
  2. A unique, true ONLINE sales mechanism, on the Internet:
    • on the platform’s website;
    • on the airline’s website;
    • on other relevant companies’ websites.
  3. Additional perks:
    • to generate a real offer at the request of the client through the application within one minute;
    • to obtain money in case of online payment, immediately;
    • to generate a reservation with the terms of payment by customers by Bank (wire) transfer, automatically;
    • to effectively implement the «empty legs» and associated flights;
    • to increase the flight time of an aircraft due to the effective sale of the new flights in the pauses between already sold flights;
    • flexibility to adjust the pricing of the flight;
    • analysis of sales statistics;
    • creation of a perfect loyalty system for the customers;
    • creation of special preferences for «authorized by the airline» brokers due to their active participation in the online sales process;
    • clients support and solving crisis situations by calling a special «support line» number.

The client advantages:

  • instant offer, consisting of not a single option, but a list of all possible flight options, including «empty legs» in the range of «-12» «+24» hours from requested time and for all aircrafts with the number of seats equal to or greater than the number of seats requested by the customer;
  • ability to determine the most convenient method of payment;
  • the possibility of cooperation with brokers;
  • participation in the loyalty program based on receiving bonuses from «empty leg» sold to the other clients.
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