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Obtaining a Certificate of state registration

LLC NAJET received «Certificates of state registration of a computer program»

Creating a mathematical model and algorithm for analyzing a variety of interdependent factors, parameters and criteria for automating the analysis process and generating true offers for the ONLINE air charter selection and ordering service is an EXTREMELY COMPLEX technical task. The team of NAJET LLC consists of highly professional employees with extensive experience in both IT technologies and business aviation. It was this symbiosis that gave life to the project and the opportunity to start the online service for ordering business aviation aircraft.

On August 04, 2020, LLC NAJET received two state documents for its products at once, namely "Certificates of state registration of a computer program" for "Najet. Production management program for the airline" and for "Najet. Online platform for booking and selling Charter flights on the airline's aircraft at the request of users via the Internet." All copyrights to these products belong exclusively to the company LLC "Najet" and are protected at the legal level. The Najet Service is a fully legitimate product with the highest level of service quality.