High-tech software solutions for the business aviation industry.


NAJET LLC was established at the end of 2017. Initially, shareholders and partners of the company (pioneers of Russian business aviation) were planning to create a real national AVIATAXI system in Russia, including the followings:

Creating a software for business aviation airline management.
Creating algorithm of REAL ONLINE SERVICE for booking and sales of flights on business jets. (transferring the technology of auto-taxi aggregators to business aviation).
To get up to 70% of domestic flights and up to 20% of international flights.
Creation of the national Aviataxi system as a new segment of low-cost flights with standard services on light and extra light jets by attracting them to the Russian market.
NAJET also accepts orders for the creation of other specific software, including solutions for sales of helicopter flights.

The concept that NAJET follows implies the transfer of the «center of gravity» of the charter flight market in Russia to Russian business aviation airlines.

The explosive growth of air transportation in the country by Russian airlines and operators requires new technologies in the automation of production and sales. It is these products that brings NAJET to the market. There is a simplified view of the problems of automating sales of flights. Some people think that it is enough to create an application in a smartphone and everything will be OK. This is certainly not the case ... And where will that huge array of information that needs to be analyzed and taken into account in calculations be located? A modern solution to the problems listed above may, of course, be special software.

Today on the Russian market are presented:

After the introduction of «aircraft» solutions and technologies, the company plans to begin implementing the same ideas and concepts in the «helicopter» part of the Russian business aviation industry.