High-tech software solutions for the business aviation industry.
For investors

For investors

NAJET company (NAJET LLC) was established in October 2017 specifically for the implementation of modern software and IT solutions in the field of business aviation.

The company's products can be found at www.najet.ru

The top among the products created by NAJET is the unique and implemented for the first time in the world at such a high level of automation «Russia's first online booking and sales service for business aviation flights»

An important clarification is that this is not a "pseudo online service", of which there are many in the network, but a REAL online service.

In fact, we managed to create an aviation analog of the taxi AGGREGATOR , but in the field of air transportation on business aviation aircraft.

Why has the online booking and sales service for business aviation flights not yet been created in such a high level?

The answer to this question is banal and simple... Creating a mathematical model and algorithm for analyzing hundreds of interdependent factors, parameters, and criteria to automate the analysis process and generate true offers FOR the online air Charter selection and ordering Service is an EXTREMELY COMPLEX technical task.

We did it!

In order for all calculations and algorithms to be relevant and real, it is necessary to use objective and specific data. Where can I get them? Of course, only in the Airline!
It is for this purpose that we have created a special production management program for the business aviation Airline, which reflects all the multilateral production and commercial activities. Our partners — Airlines that start selling air transportation on their planes through the NAJET Service, use our program. The NAJET Service, after fixing the User’s request on the site, automatically — in ONLINE mode — receives all the necessary and objective information about aircraft, crews, and so on from the program installed in the Airline, and also turns to other sources of necessary information to get calculations of the flight duration, check the airport operating regulations, and other factors that affect the ability to perform the flight.
The result of the algorithm is the INSTANT formation of all possible offers for the User and their display on the site of the NAJET Service.
Monetization of the project is based on receiving Agency fees from the service's partner airlines.

The company has the following development plans:

Dear potential investors, we are waiting for your questions and suggestions!

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The General Director of «NAJET»

Mikhail Titov

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