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For investors

For investors

Dear Investors and Partners!

NAJET brings to the market a unique product — «ONLINE charter flight booking platform».

Today, the market offers a huge number of services, which are an attempt to automate sales. The information about the positioning of aircraft, the «empty leg» information, a tender system of charter sales and other methods of pseudo online sales are represented widely. But all of them require additional negotiations, contacts and clarifications, which causes a lot of additional time and it is not the fact that the best option will be found. What is the problem? The technical difficulties in creating an analysis algorithm.

A huge array of data, parameters and limitations still are not allowing to do «Ideal» mathematical model, which will make it possible to make sales of air transportation on business aviation plane as elegant and simple as, for example, sales of the airline tickets or taxi online service. NAJET, is combining the best specialists in the field of flight organization and programming, and set itself to accomplish an ambitious task of solving this problem.

Our plans for development are:
1. We start the project only for Russian airlines and operators as we are using the software with some specific algorithms dictated by Russian Aviation Regulations, which are different from FAA or EASA. That is why it is much easier to start from Russian market and improve the platform.
2. We plan to get up to 70% of local market sales.
3. We are looking for the opportunities to provide the project with the own fleet of light jets to create a REAL AEROTAXI service as the new concept and trend of business aviation of Russia.
4. We plan to combine our «specific algorithm» with the most popular software for business aviation airline produced by other suppliers. By doing this, we will turn a small local project into a global one.

Looking forward for Your questions and suggestions!
The General Director of «NAJET»

Mikhail Titov

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