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The stages and objectives of the project:

  • 1. Creation of a "National aggregator of ONLINE sales of Charter flights on business jets".
  • 2. Creation of "National AVIATAXI system in Russia".

"National aggregator of ONLINE sales of Charter flights on business jets"

The aggregator works only with Russian airlines operating with aircraft fully imported in Russia.

How it works

The SOFTWARE created by us will allow to automate completely the operation processes of the business aviation airline.

The Internet portal created by us for clients (customers of planes) NAJET.RU based on the processing of the passenger's request, and based on the information from the software it will allow to create ONLINE a complete list of proposals for the implementation of the flight on different aircraft of different airlines with a unique schedule and price for each customer’s request.

This is how the interface of the generated ONLINE offers for the client looks like

  • At the request of the client the system offers all possible departures with a lag on schedule -12 hours before the flight and +24 hours.
  • The systems offer for the customer all the planes that have an equal (as in application) and a greater number of passengers seats.
  • The client can create a table of proposals on the criteria of price or schedule, or the number of seats on the plane.
  • The price of a particular aircraft depends on the financial algorithm laid down in the calculation directly by the airline and provides discounts for round-trip flights and “empty leg” flights.
  • After the confirmed flight is booked, the client enters passenger data, and provides the payment. The client receives a flight confirmation with details, an e-ticket, a set of financial documents and boarding passes.

Creation of "National air taxi system in Russia"

Given that the number of aircraft imported to Russia is not enough to cover the market demand, the NAJET project plans to attract its own fleet of business jets, which will be distributed for the operation of business aviation airlines – cooperating with the project.

The project investors and partners for the project are invited

The project team consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of business aviation.

The project is headed by Titov Mikhail, formerly known as Gen Director of RusAero and the "RusJet" airline
Project schedule
  • September 12, 2018 first presentation of the project at RUBACE 2018 in Vnukovo
  • September 20 opening of the project office and showroom in the business center LA5, at Vnukovo
  • Q 2 2019 launch of the beta VERSION of the software for airlines
  • Q 2 2019 (end) the start of the resource NAJET.RU for ONLINE sales of air transport to business jets